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    Vivisol's home oxygen equipment and expertise are specifically designed to support families with babies and children who require oxygen throughout their childhood and into adolescence.

    We understand that the needs of your child and your family change and our team are able, in conjunction with your child’s clinician, to support and assist you with this process.

    Your Vivisol technician will set up the oxygen equipment in the most appropriate location within your home and will show you how to use the equipment. Our Customer Contact Centre (freephone) is accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so if you have any concerns regarding the equipment they will be happy to assist you.

    Vivisol also have a clinical team who, upon request, can provide additional training to your child’s nursery, school or college to give you peace of mind that your child’s safety, welfare, social  and educative inclusion are fundamental to our company.


    • Can I change the settings on the equipment?

      Too much or too little oxygen can be damaging to your child's health. For this reason, it is vitally important that you do not make changes to the flow rate or set up any oxygen equipment without first seeking advice or upon instruction from the Healthcare Professional who ordered the oxygen.

      If changes are required these will be advised by the Healthcare Professional who ordered the oxygen and we will visit you to carry out the adjustments ourselves.

      If you have any queries in this respect please contact our Customer Contact Centre. We will liaise with your Healthcare Professional to ensure the process is completed safely and effectively.

    • How do I know if oxygen is coming out?

      If you are concerned that the equipment may not be delivering any oxygen, you should place the end of the oxygen tubing in a small amount of clean water and check that bubbles are produced. Never submerge your nasal cannula. If you are still concerned please contact our Customer Contact Centre on
      0800 833 531 (freephone).

    • Massage therapy

      You may have been advised to use massage either to soothe and relax your child or as a form of physical therapy. Again, your Healthcare Professional will advise you on the safest and most effective products to use.

    • Can I use oils, moisturisers, ointments and creams?

      It is vitally important that when using any creams or lotions (including sun block products) on your baby or toddler's skin that they do not contain oil or petroleum-based products, such as Vaseline.

      Please use water based products only. These are as effective as the traditional oil based variant and will not harm your baby's delicate skin. Your local pharmacist or Healthcare Professional will advise you of suitable items to use.

      Alcohol rub is deemed safe to use for hygiene purposes, provided hands are dried thoroughly before making contact with the oxygen equipment.

    • My baby/toddler/child has a cold and the cannula is getting blocked

      Young children are more vulnerable to colds and sneezes and it is not uncommon for the cannula to become blocked as a consequence.

      You should change the cannula as often as you feel you need to and call us for additional supplies when required.

      This not only ensures that your child's supply of oxygen is maintained but is also good practice to minimize infection risks. You should also check the tubing and cannula daily for signs of obstruction, flattening and splitting.

      Please retain the paper insert from the disposable plastic bag which has the model reference number on for reordering.

    • Can my child go to school/day centre/undertake exercise?

      Your Healthcare Professional will be able to give you guidance with respect to the scope and extent of activities your child may be capable of undertaking.

      We have many patients on oxygen who attend nurseries, play groups, preschool groups, day centres and mainstream education, as well as specialist establishments.

      Prior to considering any of these activities you should consult your Healthcare Professional for advice. If they deem it fit, they will liaise with the relevant parties to agree the next step.

      Play and social interaction need not be prohibited by a child's oxygen use. However, there are a few things to bear in mind:
      • If a cylinder is in use, secure it so that it will not topple over
      • Ensure the tubing is of a suitable length i.e. long enough to allow the required activity but not too long as to present a trip hazard or become blocked or kinked

      We are happy to discuss the relevant Health and Safety issues with anyone involved in the care of your child and work with them to resolve any issues and minimise the risks associated with all their activities. We do request that all of our safety information and guidelines are followed and recommend that you regularly consult with your Healthcare Professional so they can monitor and assess your child as necessary.

    • Can my child go on school trips?

      We recommend you check with your Healthcare Professional prior to undertaking events involving travel and activities outside the normal curriculum. Our oxygen therapy guide 'Your Home Oxygen Service' provides comprehensive information regarding travelling with oxygen therapy equipment. However, we will be glad to discuss any issues on an individual basis to provide help and support for all concerned.

    • How do I carry the oxygen when using the baby's pram/buggy?

      You should ensure the equipment is secured so it can't roll about or topple over.

      It should be kept in a carry bag where provided to protect it from damage and keep it clean.

      Do not balance the cylinder on top of the pram/buggy or place it next to your baby.

      If possible, and if it is safe and practical to do so, the most convenient way to carry the cylinder is in the provided bag on your back whilst you push the pram or buggy. However, if this is not feasible the cylinder should be placed in the shopping compartment of the pram/buggy.

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