UK-based holidays


    Travelling within mainland Britain
    If you have a prescription for oxygen at home and are travelling within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales for a holiday, we can arrange for you to have oxygen at your holiday destination at no cost to you. This includes the Channel Islands.

    It is always best to discuss travel with your GP or clinical specialist before you book your holiday. You should also contact your holiday destination to arrange for your holiday oxygen equipment to be delivered and stored at your holiday accommodation.

    Making arrangements
    If you need different oxygen equipment at your holiday destination to what you have at home, contact your GP or clinical specialist as soon as possible before you travel. They will then send the holiday home oxygen order directly to the appropriate home oxygen supplier.

    For all arrangements, it is best to order as soon as possible, but at least three weeks in advance, so that the necessary arrangements can be made. Only travel when you receive confirmation.

    If a request is made at short notice, we may not be able to meet all of your requirements.

    If you require the same oxygen equipment at your holiday destination as you have at home, please contact us directly to make these arrangements. We will arrange this with the home oxygen supplier in the area.

    Be prepared with the following information before you contact us:

    • Your current details: name, home address, postcode and importantly an email address for us to send the confirmation details
    • The full holiday address – including the postcode and any contact information
    • The dates of your holiday (from and to)
    • A contact name and telephone number at the holiday address, not your home telephone number
    • The booking name and reference of the holiday where appropriate

    Once agreed, we will email you confirmation of the details for you to check. Your holiday oxygen equipment will then be delivered to your holiday address and collected on your departure.

    There is no minimum length of stay and arrangements can be made for overnight stays, which can include staying with friends and family.

    Multiple locations

    If your holiday involves more than one location, including a campervan, caravan or boat, we can still make the necessary arrangements, but we will need your address details and the dates of each stop. Without this information it will not be possible to order supplies or receive assistance in the event of a breakdown.  Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the details, as organising multiple locations can sometimes be complex. It is important that you do not travel until you have confirmation.

    Remember to check that you have enough oxygen to travel to and from your destination. Please remember to bring back any equipment you have taken with you on your trip.

    Contact details

    If you have any further questions or would like to discuss any specific requirements or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us during office hours on 0800 917 9840 or email your enquiry to using the details above.

    International Travel

    Your equipment should not be taken out of the UK, if you are travelling abroad you will need to make separate arrangements for the provision of equipment.

    For details, if you are travelling abroad, please follow this link
    Information on travel insurance can be found here



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