England Winter Newsletter 2023

    Thursday, December 14, 2023


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    Our newsletter brings a few ideas to make Christmas more enjoyable and stress free, aswell as our regular Oxygen safety tips and delicious Christmas mug cake recipe. You can read our interviews with cricket enthusiast Alex Steele, and one of our home Technicians, Billy — if you see him, say hi and ask about his dog, Millie! 

    Vivisol Vision is packed with articles that we think you will love, and is our way of sharing all of our exciting information, updates, and news with you as part of the Vivisol UK family.

    It also includes all the information you need to order your Oxygen over the holidays, so you can tick that off your list and have one less thing to worry about. Do make sure to check our delivery schedule, and book your oxygen delivery by the 18th December to receive oxygen before Christmas.


    Call 0800 917 9840 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday to order in good time – yes, we can schedule ahead for the whole festive season and organise multiple orders on one phone call.

    You can also order your oxygen online at vivisol.co.uk/services/reorder-online

    Sending you our very best wishes for a magical festive season,

    From all of us at Vivisol

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    Home oxygen enquiries: 0800 833531

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    Home oxygen enquiries: 0800 917 9840

    Respiratory support: 0800 121 4012

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