COVID -19 - As the Lockdown Eases

    Friday, June 26, 2020

    With the news dominated by Coronavirus, we wanted to let you know that we are vigilantly implementing enhanced protocols to ensure safety.

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    As we ease out of the government lockdown restrictions, Dolby Vivisol wants to make sure that we can keep providing our home oxygen service to our patients safely. We are working closely with the health authorities to get their advice, so we can prepare for any further developments.

    We have been working hard to support our patients during their self-isolation period and as the lockdown restrictions start to ease we can begin to reinstate some of our services:

    June 2020:

    • Home Equipment Servicing: As we continue to support our patients over the phone with their home oxygen equipment, we will be asking the patient if they are happy for our technician to enter their property to service their equipment
    • Electricity rebates back to actual: During a home service, we will take the meter readings off the device and go back to paying electricity reimbursements from actual instead of estimates once we have visited to carry out your service
    • Fixed Installs: If a patient requires more than one static concentrator in their home, we can now reintroduce our fixed install service

    Our technician will continue to follow full PPE guidelines and wherever possible, work to minimise the amount of time spent in the patients’ homes

    July 2020:

    • Second Home Deliveries and UK Holiday Service: From the 1st July 2020, we will be recommencing our UK Holiday services where patients can organise their home oxygen equipment for all their travel needs within the UK and if patients have a second home where their equipment is needed, can arrange for this to be reinstated at this time.

    Every day the guidance from the Government and NHS changes and we are working closely with NHSE to discuss the direction that not only Dolby Vivisol needs to take but all suppliers of Oxygen. Our priority is the safety of the patients and our technicians visiting those patients and as such our service needs to be fluid as this situation changes.

    Our focus is to ensure we are doing our part to keep patients and our employees safe.

    Here’s what we have done so far during this difficult time:

    • We continue to enhance our already robust cleaning techniques of our offices, depots, filling plants and vehicles. We have deep-cleaned our facilities and sterilising wipes and gels are widely used and readily available
    • We continue to implement additional sanitisation of all returned oxygen cylinders and other medical devices using approved products and methods
    • We have successfully conducted a company-wide training programme to reiterate good hygiene practices in all our divisions, and are constantly encouraging all employees to be vigilant and follow the latest government advice and guidance
    • Our service already utilises the latest technology which has allowed our staff to work from home. As we start to see our staff members return to work, we have introduced social distancing measures in all departments and areas around the office

    Your Questions Answered

    As a home oxygen service user, you may have a lot of questions as lockdown restrictions are eased. We have tried to answer the most common ones:


    We are planning to resume routing servicing from July 2020. We will be in contact with you via the telephone to arrange servicing dates


    Please continue to follow government guidelines for vulnerable patients and consult with your clinician where possible


    Continue to follow the Government guidelines:

    • Self-isolate
    • In England, call 119 and book a test
    • In Scotland, call 0800 028 2816 and book a test
    • Do not go to places like a GP surgery, hospital or pharmacy


    • Limit contact with people outside your household
    • Avoid being face-to-face with someone
    • Keep your distance and avoid crowds
    • Wash your hands often
    • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands
    • Wash your clothes regularly
    • Allow hand sanitiser to dry before touching any oxygen equipment or tubing


    Visiting family members should wear a face covering – in accordance to current guidelines. It is not recommended for children under the age of two or people with breathing difficulties to wear a face covering. If you choose to wear a face covering with oxygen via nasal cannula beware of the increased risk due to oxygen enrichment. We do not advise wearing a face covering if using an oxygen mask.


    Take care of yourselves and your loved ones – stay safe!


    We are continuing to follow developments closely and are regularly in touch with NHS colleagues. Our guidance and protocols will continue to evolve dependent on the recommendations from national and international bodies.

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