Mask fitting and adjustments

If you have been prescribed a full face or nasal mask remove the headgear from the bottom of the mask using the fittings applied. Place your hand in the headgear so you can easily pull it over your head. Reattach the fittings ensuring that the straps of the headgear are not twisted.

The PAP device comes with a mask. You must put on and adjust the mask correctly.

To adjust the mask, lie down (as though you were going to sleep), and switch on the PAP so the air is blowing. For full face and nasal masks, adjust the straps to follow the shape of your head without pulling the straps too tightly. Gently adjust the lower straps so that the air doesn’t escape from the soft part of the mask.

If you have been prescribed an intranasal mask with adjustable straps, you should follow the same process ensuring you use the same size pillows or cushions. When you can’t feel air escaping from or around the pillows, then the mask is correctly adjusted.

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